WE know that beauty is in the details. Let us CLEAN LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN!

Do you need a weekly, biweekly, monthly, seasonal, or special occasion cleaning for your house, apartment or business?

You don’t have to spend hours doing housework. Detale Lindo will detail clean your every room, corner, furnishing, and fixture as if it were our own. Owner Felix Batista and his family have been dedicated to providing reliable deep cleaning and maintenance services in the Pittsburgh area since 2019. 

Avoid wasting your time and energy on major cleaning projects and upkeep. Let Detale Lindo do the work you don’t want to do and win back for yourself with family and friends!

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Detale Lindo Services

Deep Clean: The Detale Lindo Deep Clean tackles the tough, time-consuming cleaning tasks that need to be done but are so difficult to commit to. The Deep Clean also establishes a thorough foundation cleaning for our next visit.

In addition to standard cleaning, we move, clean and vacuum underneath and behind and detail furniture and appliances; dust and wipe down walls and cabinets; dust curtain rods, moldings, baseboards and trim; detail bathroom fixtures and scrub shower walls and bathtubs, as well as any other requests for tasks you might not like or have time to do.

Our crew is not afraid of hard work. Additionally, we do specialty clean ups and clean outs; just ask! 

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Our Estimated PricingYOUR Final Pricing depends upon Your Space and Your Needs!




Learn more about us from our principal,
Felix Batista

Detale Lindo is the result of many dreams and goals, and we approach our business with love and honor. I am very proud of what my family and I have built here so far, and I am humbled by the wonderful feedback and reviews that we get from our clients. Even more valuable are the times when people and businesses we work with refer us to their friends. It is gratifying to know that so many people not only trust their homes with us, but are also willing to share their opinions of us with people whom they value. 
When we describe our services at Detale Lindo, we prefer a general, inclusive, but non-detailed approach to allow flexibility as we begin our work. For example, a “Deep Clean”, priced at $350 for a typical three or four-bedroom home, is usually our start with you. Please note that we work until the job is done, and this cost is not associated with an amount of time spent working.
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Over time, as our relationships with our clients continue and grow, and in response to your feedback, we develop an understanding of how you live in your home or business and which spaces are the best loved and most important to you and will require the most attention.

We never want our visits to be a long interruption, so we aim to work thoroughly and quickly. For the “Maintenance” cleanings that follow a deep cleaning, we are able to assign the best cleaning teams with the skills most needed, and more importantly, to ensure that we are attending to all of the beautiful details that are so important to all of us. Maintenance cleanings are typically $150 and scheduled bi-weekly, but frequency is dependent upon the amount of traffic in your house. Detale Lindo also discounts regularly-scheduled and more frequent cleanings. 

To prepare for a Deep Clean, we like to take the time to talk or visit with you before we arrive to ensure that our price is a good match for the size of your space and the attention required, as well as ensuring that your specific needs are met and special jobs and requests are addressed. It is good to arrive with open eyes and take in the house as a whole to gather information from our perspectives as service providers, and we apply our experience to what we observe to make a cleaning plan during the initial visit.

For the initial Deep Clean and several subsequent visits, until we both agree that our team is working to the standard we expect, my manager or I will personally work with and train our employees to ensure that all tasks are completed properly and as expected, and we ask that you never hesitate to report an issue or a problem or make a request or adjustment. I assure you that problems will be resolved promptly, and changes adopted quickly.
I want Detale Lindo to be part of your life and the communities that we serve for a long time. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!

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